Ihab Mokayed

filmmaker and entrepreneur

I started film and storytelling at the age of 17 and never stopped learning since then.

However, being born in Aleppo, Syria forced me to take a break and become a refugee twice by the age of 23. One failed attempt that ended up as an award-winning feature documentary that paved the way to continue living in Paris, France. A place I'm proud to call home.

Today, I do film and manage my startup blank.paris, a platform that matches users with responsible fashion brands according to their values.

the unexpected


I start with this because it is thanks to this feature documentary that I was able to have a second chance to live. A film that literally changed my life.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed



A film made to showcase the spaces available on site in a cinematic and unique way.

Directed, filmed and edited by Ihab Mokayed



A teaser made to highlight the making process of a sculpture by Stéphane Parain, recording all the different sounds made through the making process and using them to motivate the different transitions through the teaser.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed



A personal dance film, made out of appreciation to the beautiful dance group La Marche Bleue created by Leo Walk. This whole film was shot and edited in less than an one hour.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed

Musée du

quai Branly

A short documentary created over 3 months following 6 young people who are illiterate and showcasing the development they've made until the day they present in front of the public with full confidence.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed



A personal short film made to question our purpose of being using a forgotten object.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed



A personal test of doing hyperlapse that took around 5h to shoot.

Fully produced by Ihab Mokayed



Ihab Mokayed


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